From Inner city to Global Leadership

Brandon L. Griffin's journey began in Gary, Indiana, where he turned a childhood website design hobby into a thriving business at just 12. Now an international business leader, he inspires others to pursue their dreams, embodying a commitment to innovation, purpose, and inclusion.

Notable Experiences


An entrepreneurial foundation

Brandon L. Griffin's journey began in the heart of Gary, Indiana, a city known for its challenges but brimming with opportunity. At the tender age of 10, he started Griffin Household Press offering desktop publishing services to friends and family.

During the dot-com boom, at the age of 12, Brandon transformed his hobby of designing websites into a business called Quality Web Solutions. This early entrepreneurial spark foreshadowed a career dedicated to digital innovation and empowerment.

Brandon broadened his horizons through Junior Achievement and NFTE programs, venturing more into youth entrepreneurship. By 16, he had embraced the role of a motivational speaker, inspiring youth to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career path.

Brandon launched FyeBye Magazine, a publication written by and for students. The national magazine reached a circulation of 10,000 copies in the United States with advertising support from Wendy's International, Comcast, U.S. Marine Corps, International Trucks, Barden Gary Foundation, McKelvey Foundation, and others.

He received Youth Entrepreneur of the Year awards from esteemed organizations, including Black Enterprise Magazine, SBA, NFIB, The Coleman Foundation, and others. In 2006, Brandon become the first person under 18 to be inducted into the Society of Innovators.

Upon graduating from West Side High School in Gary, Indiana, Brandon pursued his passion for entrepreneurship by studying Business with a focus on Entrepreneurship at Purdue University – Calumet.




Industry Firsts: Innovating Social Media Marketing in Indiana, USA

Brandon co-founded SMDG (Social Media Development Group), the first social media marketing firm in Northwest Indiana, in 2012.

In this start-up, Brandon pioneered initiatives that not only fostered strong customer relationships but also secured $1 million in B2B contracts across industry sectors, including Education, Government, Energy, Health Care, Retail, Non-Profit, and Entertainment. Campaigns spanned branded content, video marketing, social media marketing, community engagement, print, and OOH advertising.

SMDG became the first social media marketing firm to become a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) in Indiana.

His dedication to operational excellence is evident in the successful management of a marketing team of 30 employees, ensuring seamless operations and the attainment of revenue objectives.

Brandon’s work at SMDG extended to curriculum design for Indiana’s first social media marketing corporate certification training program in partnership with Ivy Tech Community College, and creating the region's first social media internship & experiential learning program in partnership with Purdue University, Indiana University, Calumet College of St. Joseph, and Valparaiso University.




Helping to Steer Gannett's transformative journey: Marketing Tech, Inclusion, and AI

During Gannett's transformative phase with the acquisition of ReachLocal, Brandon helped  integrate new digital marketing services with traditional publisher advertising solutions.

Gannett publishes USA TODAY along with hundreds of local media outlets across the United States, and over 150 news brands in the United Kingdom.

In 2017, he learned new processes and aligned client success operations for local-to-national print & digital marketing campaigns. His insights into the various markets, coupled with effective management of key advertiser accounts, resulted in successful campaigns spanning display advertising, PPC, and Paid Social Ad Campaigns.

Brandon also chaired one of Gannett’s first Employee Resource Groups, Next Gen Forward, focusing on nurturing a multi-generational workplace. Through successful membership recruitment strategies and streamlined engagement processes, the ERG became one of the largest and fastest-growing, serving Gannett's 7,500+ employees.

Further serving as a founding committee lead on Gannett’s Inclusion Advisory Council in the United States and United Kingdom (Newsquest), Brandon actively consults on inclusion and equity efforts both internally and externally. His commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace contributes significantly to Gannett's transformative journey.

Additionally, as a founding committee member on Gannett’s AI Council, Brandon actively contributes to shaping the strategic integration of AI at Gannett and Newsquest Media Group, engaging in pivotal discussions and decision-making processes related to AI governance and implementation.




Elevating LOCALiQ’s Market Presence in the UK

Brandon's tenure as the first Head of B2B Marketing at LOCALiQ UK began in 2021. With his leadership, new initiatives were implemented to enhance the agency's brand reputation and industry influence.

Brandon helped launch several ground-breaking annual research initiatives, including the planning and execution of the annual UK State of Digital Marketing Report. This initiative surveys businesses throughout the United Kingdom, utilizing gleaned insights to craft insightful industry analyses.

Brandon's expertise extends to insightful data analysis, leveraging information from the agency’s 200+ active digital marketing campaigns to produce various benchmark reports. These insights not only benefit clients but also contribute significantly to industry professionals' understanding of the digital marketing landscape.

Brandon's adept storytelling skills are instrumental in bringing award-winning campaign narratives to life. Through his strategic communication efforts, which include crafting nominations that have garnered acclaim, Brandon magnifies LOCALiQ's achievements on a global scale, firmly solidifying the agency's position as an industry leader. Under his visionary leadership, LOCALiQ has earned prestigious accolades from platforms such as Search Engine Land Awards, Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards, UK Paid Media Awards, UK Search Awards, UK Agency Awards, and more.




Changing the world, one company at a time

Amid the challenges of navigating remote work and societal injustices during the quarantine period, Brandon Griffin recognized the profound opportunity for businesses to drive positive change within communities globally.

Drawing from personal experience, Brandon established The Council for Corporate Transformation as an online community of business leaders committed to fostering corporate cultural change through authenticity, compassion, and innovative thinking.

The Council for Corporate Transformation is open to professionals dedicated to creating corporate change within their workplaces. As the world evolves, companies must adapt and find new ways of creating value that benefit both businesses and communities.

This community is focused on areas such as Corporate Culture, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Leadership, Digital Transformation, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG).




Setting New Standards in Workplace Training and Development

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by Generation Z as they enter the workforce, Brandon Giffin founded Gen Z Academy to provide personalized development programs tailored to their passions, skills, and goals.

As Gen Z represents 32% of the global population and increasingly opts for non-traditional education routes, Gen Z Academy becomes an indispensable asset in preparing them for the professional arena.

Expanding upon its mission, the academy not only focuses on empowering young professionals but also provides invaluable resources and solutions for employers navigating the influx of Gen Z talent into the workplace.

The academy's comprehensive approach encompasses micro-learning video content, mastermind sessions, and professional mentorship, all aimed at equipping Gen Z professionals with essential soft skills and resources crucial for modern workplace success.

Gen Z Academy extends its support to employers, recognizing the need for managers, executives, and HR professionals to effectively mentor, lead, and engage with Gen Z employees. With specialized resources, training guides, and interactive online content, the academy empowers employers to create development and learning programs tailored to the unique needs and expectations of Generation Z, fostering a workplace environment conducive to growth and fulfillment.




Helping Gen Z define their own success story

Brandon L. Griffin is widely regarded as the Gen Z Life Coach and offers guidance to the next generation of young professionals. Drawing from his rich experiences as a young entrepreneur and seasoned professional in the corporate realm, Brandon shares invaluable lessons gleaned over two decades of entrepreneurial and digital advertising endeavors.

Through his Gen Z network, Brandon offers mentorship to high school and college students, empowering them to navigate the challenges of adulthood and unlock their full potential. His insights extend beyond personal and career growth, delving into workplace culture and employee engagement solutions, equipping employers with the tools to attract, engage, and retain the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Gen Z employees.

With monthly calls, workshops, and live training sessions, Brandon cultivates a supportive community where young professionals can absorb knowledge, apply it to their lives, and thrive in today's world on their own terms.

Brandon also serves as a National Board of Director for FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), and the Global Council of Junior Achievement Worldwide.