Brandon L. Griffin

A global business visionary with an impressive track record spanning over 15 years, recognized for expertise in entrepreneurial business strategy, pioneering digital marketing breakthroughs, and igniting profound corporate transformations.

From renowned media giants like Gannett and USA TODAY, to diverse international organizations, Brandon's leadership and visionary thinking have consistently delivered exceptional results, establishing him as a trusted catalyst for business excellence and sustainable growth.

Areas of Focus

Global Strategy (Marketing / Operations)

With 15+ years of marketing experience and strong leadership skills, Brandon's focus is on strategic planning, digital marketing and B2B audiences. An international business leader, he excels in managing marketing teams and business operations, making him an ideal partner for global growth strategies.

Corporate Transformation

Brandon specializes in guiding businesses through transformative change in critical areas such as diversity, equity, and inclusion, AI integration, and fostering engaging company cultures. If your business seeks expertise in these transformative aspects, Brandon offers a thoughtful and experienced perspective.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Brandon boasts a wealth of experience as a serial entrepreneur and awarded innovator, having guided countless small businesses towards realizing their growth ambitions. His expertise extends to collaborating with enterprises in need of entrepreneurial insight for the creation of fresh business models, products, and revenue streams.

Mentoring & Success Coaching

Brandon's entrepreneurial journey began at a remarkably young age, shaping his passion for business. Now he shares the invaluable lessons he's learned. Through mentorship and success coaching, Brandon empowers young adults to jumpstart their careers with confidence and vision.